The Gardens of Ynn is an adventure designed for old school roleplaying games written by Emmy 'Cavegirl' Allen.

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Finding the Entrance

In any garden in any place (any place where there is a garden - one could even escape Hell this way, if one could find a garden there) find a wall covered in ivy, vines, moss, or similar. Clear that vegetation away, and using chalk and charcoal draw a realistic door (with keyhole, hinges and doorknob) on the surface below. Write upon the door “Ynn, by way of [the current location]”.

Leave, so the drawing is no longer visible, and on return the drawing will be replaced by a real door. When it is opened, the Gardens of Ynn will be on the other side. The doorway remains there for a full day, after which it fades away as if it never existed, leaving anybody still on the other side stranded.

Ynn is a perpendicular world. Compare the concept of parallel worlds: from any place in the real world, you can cross over to an equivalent in the parallel world. Any place has its parallel version, just shifted slightly. A perpendicular world, meanwhile, exists at right-angles to reality. Crossing over at a certain point, the further one travels into the perpendicular world, the less like reality it becomes.

Of the dazzling variety of such worlds, Ynn is just one. It appears as a vast garden, now untended, overrun, and fallen into ruin. Once, this place was a realm of rarefied luxury, but its masters are long dead and the machinery that maintained it has fallen into disrepair.


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