The SoulMuppet License

The SoulMuppet License

Best Left Buried, Orbital Blues and Gangs of Titan City all come with a license to encourage publishing 3rd-party materials.

Early on this license wasn't printed in our books, but it nevertheless applies. Please consider the following books as including this text:

  • Best Left Buried: Crypytdigger’s Guide To Survival

  • Best Left Buried: Doomsayer's Guide To Horror

  • Best Left Buried: The Deluxe Edition

  • A Doom To Speak: Volume 1: The Crypt Collection

  • Gangs of Titan City


This product is an independent production of SoulMuppet Publishing. Redistribution without prior written consent is prohibited.
Permission is granted to photocopy and otherwise reproduce for personal use.
All authors retain the right to be identified as such. In all cases this notice must remain intact.
Anyone may publish free or commercial material based upon and/or declaring compatibility with “Best Left Buried / Orbital Blues / Gangs of Titan City” without express written permission from the publisher, the SoulMuppet Publishing, as long as they adhere to the following terms:
If your product declares compatibility with Best Left Buried / Orbital Blues / Gangs of Titan City you must state the following in your legal text and on any websites from which a commercial product is sold: “[product name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with the SoulMuppet Publishing.” SoulMuppet Publishing takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product.
The mechanics of “Best Left Buried / Orbital Blues / Gangs of Titan City” may be reused freely.
Art and text may not be reused — all artists maintain copyright of their work.

What does this mean?

You can write your own adventure for Best Left Buried, Orbital Blues or Gangs of Titan City. You can make hacks or supplements or new sourcebooks too, or entire new games that borrow the rules and mechanics.. You don’t need our permission. You don’t need to pay us any money. Just include the text above.

We’ll include these conditions in all future publications for our games.

Let us know if you make something, so we can share it with all of the other fans and even pick up a copy ourselves..

Create with furious, reckless abandon.