Work With Us

Whether you want to work on a SoulMuppet game, need help publishing your own game, or have a finished game you want to sell we'd love to hear from you.

For all of the below, get in touch with Matt using matt at soulmuppet dot co dot uk.

Writers / Editors / Artists / Freelancers

If you want to be considered for work on Best Left Buried, Orbital Blues or one of our other future games get in touch. Tell us about who you are, the services you offer, and include a piece of reference work as best you can.

Freelance Rates

We believe in paying good rates and that the industry needs to raise its game enormously. To that end, these are the rates we currently offer for freelancers.

Task Rate
 Writing 12p / word
Editing 5 - 9p / word depending on complexity
Layout 12+ GBP / page
Artists Per project basis. Send us your rates.



We regularly publish small run books from creators who would otherwise not have access to print as a medium or to the UK, EU and US as marketplaces. We sell the book on our store and wholesale, recover the cost of the print run, and then share profit from the remaining run with the creator on a quarterly basis.

We have a regular budget for projects like this, and prioritise creators from marginalised backgrounds and markets.


We buy things for our store and sell them. We buy stuff we love and want to put into the hands of more people.

Generally speaking we pay 50% of retail plus shipping on wholesale print products. If you've got something ready to go you think would be a great fit, let us know.

Crowdfunding Fulfilment

We're at a point where we have our online store and a warehouse partner in the UK & US that enables us to pack and ship our own stuff effectively. We're keen to offer this to creators who need it. If you're a first time creator who has crowdfunded a book and now needs to ship it to your backers we can help with that. You'll ship the necessary stock to us and we'll process your backers via our store, charge them shipping and get the good out to them. We can do this at zero cost to you. Get in touch for more details.