About Us

About us

SoulMuppet Publishing publishes a range roleplaying games by writers and artists all around the world. We work hard to be a great publisher to work with and for, and we put out games that bring new ideas to the scene from places and voices you might not be familiar with.
Our two main products are Best Left Buried and Orbital Blues.
Best Left Buried is a rules-light, fantasy horror roleplaying game - where the monsters are scary and you are scared. Players are Cryptdiggers; professional dungeon-divers who venture into monster-infested Crypts seeking riches.
ORBITAL BLUES is a lo-fi space western roleplaying game from SoulMuppet Publishing, written by Sam Sleney & Zachary Cox. A roleplaying love-letter to off-beat sci-fi, vintage music, and cooperative old-school styled roleplay, Orbital Blues allows you to play out rules-light tabletop adventures in the style of space westerns such as Cowboy Bebop, Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy.
We publish books from writers whose work we think deserves better access to market, with a particular focus on writers from the Global South who may not have access to printing physical copies on Global North markets.
Via our online store we also strive to stock a range of RPG products that are otherwise hard to find, especially in the UK.

The Team

Zachary Cox is director of SoulMuppet Publishing, dabbling in everything from printing, distribution, management and social media. The creator of Best Left Buried, and one of the creators of Orbital Blues, Zach is a seasoned RPG creator and Kickstarter manager, who will help turn PDF books into real things that will one day exist in your hands.

Matt Sanders handles Operations for SoulMuppet Publishing. Matt is focused on working towards a more diverse and inclusive industry built on sustainable business practices. Turns out that's a lot of work actually.