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Our store has reopened. If we don't currently ship to your country contact matt@soulmuppet.co.uk and we'll sort it out for you.
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Wyrd Science #1

Wyrd Science #1

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Wyrd Science is a new, quarterly magazine celebrating roleplaying games, war-games and board games that sets out to give space wizards, gelatinous cubes and tentacled gods the respect they deserve. Session Zero is their first issue and across 88 pages features interviews with:

  • Kieron Gillen - One of the most exciting writers working in comics today, Kieron's greatest hits include the likes of Young Avengers and Darth Vader for Marvel and his own groundbreaking titles such as PhonogramThe Wicked + Divine.Take a seat as he talks about his latest RPG inspired book DIE, his new Marvel/Warhammer 40,000 book Marneus Calgar and, well, pretty much everything.

  • Simon Stålenhag - The artist/author behind Tales From The Loop, Things From The Flood and The Electric State talks about his new book The Labyrinth, andthe dangers of both nostalgia and state violence.

  • Chris Spivey - The award winning RPG designer behind Harlem Unbound reveals the detective work that went into his new book, Haunted West, and how America must both face up to the tainted legacy of its past and rediscover the stories that past has hidden from view.

  • Banana Chan - Designer of one of the most interesting new RPGs of the year,Jiangshi - Blood In The Banquet Hall, talks hopping vampires, systemic racism and much more.

  • Johan Nohr - As the artist and graphic designer behind RK BORG, Johan Nohr has done more than almost anyone to change the look and colour of RPGs over the past 18 months, discover how to break the rules in the right way as he breaks down the game’s typography.

  • Duncan Molloy -They're already responsible for publishing 2000 AD, the galaxy's greatest comic, and now publisher Rebellion have turned their attention to tabletop games. Duncan Molloy reveals what the future has in store for them.

  • Thomas Pike - Themeborne’s lead designer discusses theirEscape The Dark Castle/Sector games and their gritty roots in the dark & down at heel Britain of the 1980s.

  • Dirk the Dice - The host of The GROGNARD Files, one of the best RPG podcasts in the UK today, talks about his return to gaming, the podcast and Caroline Munro.

  • Andre Novoa - The man behind Portuguese RPG publisher Games Omnivorous looks back on their incredible first 12 months.

  • Sasha Bilton - One of the founder members of East London's H.A.T.E. gaming club, Sasha reveals the club's origins and how they've got through 2020.

On top of all that the magazine includes an original short story from Black Library/Aconyte Books' author Josh Reynolds, featuring one of his own original characters - The Royal Occultist Charles St. Cyprian.

 Issue 1 also includes a look back at the changing face of tabletop gaming in 2020 with contributions from podcasters, writers and games designers including Dan Jolin, Matt Thrower, Pamela Punzalan, Danie Ware, Luke Shaw, Chris McDowall, The Smart Party and Jay Dragon.

 Plus regular columns including Mira Manga's diary, Anna Blackwell's game-by-game dive into the world of solo-RPG, Pierre Mortel's Crooked Tales and Time Slip where, in this issue, legendary Citadel Miniatures designer Trish Carden recalls an average day working on the Citadel Miniatures studio in the 1980s.