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Our store has reopened. If we don't currently ship to your country contact matt@soulmuppet.co.uk and we'll sort it out for you.
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Kingdoms is a dark role-playing game set to the dawn of civilization, with the birth of man in an untamed sunless world. As the leader of a small tribe of humanity, you will found the very foundations of civilization in the face of the suffocating darkness and the horrors within. You will explore the continent, experiment with strange discoveries, invent tools and culture, and, most importantly, slay and harvest the dangerous beasts. Once your threats are slain, you will settle; fortify; and expand your dominion. You will die, be it to disease, age, or slow liquefaction by stomach acid. But fear not, as quickly as you came, your heir will rise to your place and the cycle will continue unto larger kingdoms and greater threats. This is the way of Kingdoms, with the goal of playing out the succeeding generation each session.

The Kingdoms Zine Contains:

  • Rules for creating a new Adam or Eve, along with unique racial traits that makes your bloodline stand out from the rest.
  • Simple steps to breed, creating unique children that will no doubt disappoint.
  • Mechanics for civilizing and expanding, designed to easily create and support your great empires and struggling hamlets.
  • Discover an unexplored continent, teeming with strange flora and fauna acting as bizarre tools that will surprise you how player ingenuity develops them.
  • Fifteen macabre monsters, drunk on decadence and power, they will challenge you with epic, Monster-Hunter style combats with signature beast attacks, multi-staged boss fights, and crafting materials for special weapons.
  • A Unique Weapon System, in carving out legendary weapons from the slain corpses of grotesque behemoths.
  • A DM's guide on running a multi-generational epic from the birth of society to the age of steam.

The story of mankind is yours to tell in Kingdoms. The players will hammer the foundations of human civilization in a sunless world through slaying the monstrosities of their era and assuming the role of their successors to continue the heroic lineage. Will your blood stand for strength in the face of the Dark? Strive for ingenuous discoveries to avoid bloodshed? Enforce mankind's divine right of conquest by trapping and bending the horrors of the Dark to their will? or Will your kingdom fall from heaven having squandered the resources accumulated from their mythic roots?