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Creatively concoct curious characters. Descend the darkest depths of dangerous dungeons, fighting feared foes for fame and fortune! 

Ecuyer is a d6 roll under TTRPG system similar to GURPS and taking inspiration from Whitehack and other games in the OSR. The system is designed to be modular, with players encouraged to create their own content in the form of magic items and Runes. Ecuyer is compatible with most low-level OSR adventures with light adjustments to Armour Class and Hit Dice. 

2 Character Classes.

Remember your ABCs - Ancestry, Background and Careers to make your characters your own! 

24 example Runes to build off of and further customise.

Rules for Bases and Retainers.

A Bestiary inspired by the monsters of Plinian legend.

Extensive rules on how to manage treasure and how to run the game.