Our store has reopened. If we don't currently ship to your country contact matt@soulmuppet.co.uk and we'll sort it out for you.
Our store has reopened. If we don't currently ship to your country contact matt@soulmuppet.co.uk and we'll sort it out for you.
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2022 Update

Welcome to a big announcement post, which I’ve jokingly been calling the State of the Union. Lots of info coming up about what to expect from SoulMuppet Publishing in 2022.

For more info on all this stuff, join our mailing list at www.soulmuppet.co.uk to get nearly constant updates on what we’re up to this year.


After a two month hiatus, Best Left Buried and Orbital Blues are now live on the newly reopened SoulMuppet Store (www.soulmuppet-store.co.uk) . All the stuff you could find on the store before will be about, and we’re adding absolutely tons more stuff. 

The reason the store was down is that we’ve moved to a proper warehouse and fulflment company, rather than me (Zach) doing everything out of my attic. This brings a bunch of fancy benefits, but the main ones are better tracking, cheaper shipping, pre-paid EU duties and me getting my saturdays back! The rollout by country is manual, so if you want a shipping region added, contact matt@soulmuppet.co.uk and we’ll get it sorted for you. 

Our US warehouse, courtesy of FLOATING CHAIR, is coming soon, and should hopefully run off the same webstore with much cheaper shipping. For those USA folx amongst you, all our best gubbinz will soon be about on Exalted Funeral too!


SoulMuppet is now a team of two people, both of us working a few days a week on making this a reality. 

I’m still in charge, mainly doing project management, looking after big projects with lots of writing, KS planning and wrangling for all our main IPs. If a book got made, I probably helped with it. I’m also doing some (similar) work with Rowan, Rook and Decard, helping them make the RPGs. I’m hoping to work closer with Chris, Grant and Maz in the future, and you’ll maybe hear more about this soon. 

I’m also joined by Matt Sanders, of Sealed Library fame, whose job is mainly Operations. He looks after the publishing arm, making sure we buy and print interesting books, and that the warehouse runs smoothly. If you want to talk about us about publishing or printing something for you, questions about the store or buying something wholesale, email matt@soulmuppet.co.uk and chat with him.


To put it shortly, Kickstarter are playing silly buggers with blockchain nonsense and I’m not in the mood for it. 

I hate crypto, but other companies use blockchain all the time and in much worse way than KS are talking about. Twitter, Paypal and Shopify all have much more hostile and environmentally harmful policies around crypto, and we use them every day without questions. 

At the end of the day, Kickstarter makes a huge quantity of money for creators every year. I am not only in the business of making RPGs, but also in the business of putting as much money in the hands of creators as possible, and it may turn out KS is the best way to do this, even if it does use blockchain in it’s platform.

Maz from RRD talks about this all, much more elegantly than me here: Crowdfunding decision document.

That said, I’m definitely pro moving away from Kickstarter (and crowdfunding in general) so I’ll be exploring a few different options in the next few months to see if we can build something that compares with KS as a platform, and see what it would mean were we to migrate away permanently. More on this below:


Now for the GOOD SHIT you’ve all been waiting for!! More Books!

So many projects are coming soon from us! We’re not only working on our LATAM Breakout Kickstarter, and all the addons promised in our Orbital Blues and Best Left Buried KS’s.

By order of imminence:

The Lost and the Jammed

It’s Zine Month, and I want to try out alternative crowdfunding methods.

A couple of months ago, my good pal Tom Mecredy, wrote an adventure for Chris Bissette’s RANDOM ADVENTURE JAM called the Hammer of the Empty Devils, a weird powder obsessed dark fantasy adventure. I read it, thought it was cool, and wanted to turn it into a full game. We’re working with artist Perplexing Ruins to make it. Here’s the pitch:

The Lost and the Jammed is a three stat, high lethality dungeon-crawling game with strange and esoteric firearms, wandering gunslinger-mystics and weird monsters threatening to overwhelm the last strongholds of civilisation. Written and produced by Tom Mecredy and Zachary Cox. The Lost and the Jammed presents a uniquely twisted roleplaying experience, taking a dark fantasy setting, such as Warhammer Fantasy, the Witcher or Dark Souls, and mixing with the gunpowder gonzo of Enter the Gungeon.

A pre-order for this project is coming TODAY. We’re just going to DO IT and see what happens.


We have another Best Left Buried adventure on the way, which will be going on pre-order some time in March/April. It’s been written by Ari Santiago, and illustrated by our pal Ben Brown.



Gangs of Titan City is SoulMuppet’s next big project. The game uses a new engine, merge grim sci-fi settings (Necromunda, Judge Dredd, Altered Carbon) with faction-focused consequence-heavy campaign gameplay familiar to fans of Blades in the Dark and Spire. We’re relying on the partnership of long-time Best Left Buried collaborators, Nick Spence (Darkling Seas of Islesmere and Hunter’s Guide to Monsters) and Ben Brown (Best Left Buried).


There is a hell of a lot of real glorious art from the project, and a playtest/quickstart version is coming in the next few weeks.

We’re planning on running this crowdfunding project away from Kickstarter, using IndieGoGo and Gamefound, or similar. We’ll be going live in May.


Remember A Doom To Speak? Volume 2 is finally around the corner, coming to crowdfunding second half of this year. We’re looking to hire some writers to help us make about 50 BLB micro adventures. If you think you’ve got the chops, email matt@soulmuppet.co.uk with the subject line ‘I SPEAK DOOM’, with RPG stuff you’ve written in the past (self-published is fine) and an idea of what you’d like to write for us. We’re paying 12p per word and are flexible on deadlines.


I am writing another huge cowboy game, this time about knights and wizards, attempting to survive the ruin of their kingdom. This one is far, far off, but it’s coming. Get ready. The art by @Klur_Arts is really good. I talk about it here.

That’s all folks. As always, check out our MAILING LIST for more updates on this stuff.